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Posted on Wed.November.08 at 6:29 pm
wow. i updated exactly a week ago.
thats a long time
im sorry for the wait my lovelies.

so i was really depressed last time and wanted to die.
it was pretty sad.
and my emotions were just all over the place.
and it was extreme.

so rachel and i have this big thing planned out for friday.
the day we have off.
it includes pajamas and sixteen candles.
and popcorn.
and peanut :-D

so i officially dont like jeremy.
at all.
and im glad he doesnt read my livejournal.
otherwise i wouldnt say everything im going to.
he doesnt care about me at all.
and its sad.
he likes his other friends better.
which is fine.
but he DITCHES. me.
and its sad.
and i just dont like him anymore.

whom i love.

so heres my conversation of the day.

RACHEL: "Kayleigh's been having premonitions in her dreams, saying that the first time i have sex i'm going to get pregnant."

BRIAN: "Well, then everytime you have sex, wear a condom."

RACHEL: "Can girls wear condoms?"

BRIAN: "I dont know. Just make sure the guy is wearing a condom?"

RACHEL: "Well, what if its a girl?"

And it took us a while after that to realize that if she was having sex with a girl, no one would have to worry about getting pregnant.

ha. i laughed so hard because it hit us both at the same exact time.

i love rachel.

shes my bestest friend.

and i am her kitty.

forever and always <#

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