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I'll go crazy if I can't get next to you.

Posted on Wed.October.25 at 8:58 pm
Current Music: Bouncing off the Ceiling - Ateens
god im tired.

i went to rachels house with mandy right after school. and we had fun with pizza and cereal and strawberries and harry potter and emma watson and apparation and april 15th and rupert grint and march 1st and google and and porn and it was great. after that, there was a chorus concert that we attended, it was okay. not amazing. just okay. the other one was okay. after that, me and rachel got ice cream. and it was fun.

im really tired.

mrs. filiberto is crazy. she expects so much crap and shit on TODAY we had this huge fucking test with an essay that took the whole 80 fucking minutes which is OF COURSE enough social studies for the day, but no. we then have this huge fucking assignment that requires multiple objects, including a dictionary, colored pencils, our very heavy book, a pencil, the packet, and our brains. god. and a LOT of brainpower. shes effing crazy.

so im listening to mugglecast right now. and i really really really love it. they're talking about love and the Ministry of Magic. i love them.



jabberwocky16 at 2006-10-26 18:25 (UTC) (Link)
mugglecast? what is that? i wanna know so i can listen!

btw I love you like a mofo. and any time you wanna copy my surveys, i'm thrilllllllllledddd.

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