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Posted on Fri.October.06 at 10:23 pm
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Hey Girl - Dashboard Confessional.
So today was really fun.

it was a half day of nothing special, then rachel + kaela came over toooo mi casa. we then went to target and office max to look for a headphone set/microphone and we found a good one. we then went back home and attempted to set it up for a while. we couldnt. and then we went to brees house for a while and i carved a perty sweet pumpking. and we met the cutest puppy on the face of this earth. ever. EVER. EVER. she was a-fucking-dorable. we then saw dan gardiner on his scooter + walking his dog. it was cool. and then we traveled over to friendlys for dinner and we had sex with luke shields. after spending six dollars in quarters on the game with the hook and stuffed animals, we didnt win, we went to the Double M Ranch in Ballston Spa, which was pretty damn motherfucking amazing and i screamed at LEAST 20 times. it was really good. but we had to call my dad to come back because we didnt have enough money. we had 80 dollars to start with before dinner. its pretty pathetic. it was an amazing night full of amazing moments.

sigh. i like jeremy. its so depressing. i think its like rachels obsession with nick turner. my heart stops when i see him and i die when hes all over rachel. its very heart wrenching. and rachel IS all over nick turner. growl. but i actually asked him "jeremy, why arent you madly in love with me?" as a stupid little joke because it was awkwardly silent. and he answered with "society." which i thought was a pretty crummy answer because society has nothing to do with anything. maybe some. but definitely not all. and it angered and hurt me. sigh

rachel is my best friend forever. i dont care what anyone else says or does or if anyone new comes into my life, rachel will be my number one on myspace for the rest of my life. and we are going to the final together. and were amazing together. sigh.



im really tired and i feel very happy that i updated.


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