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I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.

Posted on Tue.November.21 at 5:59 pm
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: Beep your horn if you hear us.
so thanksgiving is coming up soon.

im hanging out with frank and sam and justina and james and their families. were going up to lake george. gah. im really worried about the amount of awkwardness between us. its just stupid.

ive been reading SO MUCH lately. and its really cool. i started a book around 5 yesterday and finished it around 10 30. twas Speak by Laurie Anderson. it was a good book. i guess. i dont know. i think it was easy to relate to and i like that. and now im reading the mugglecast book that was released off of mugglenet about whats going to happen in the 7th harry potter book. which i have to finish by 5 oclock tomorrow. but im a third of the way through already. so im set.

i tried vadka today. tonya brought some in for some reason or another. it wasnt like a huge gulp or anything. maybe a medium sized sip. larger than a sip. less than a gulp. it burned like shit. my mouth felt on fire. the smell was one of the worst smells ive ever smelt in my entire life. gah. it was pink. i dont know if it was mixed with anything or not. i dont know. whatever. so yea, i tried it for the first time. and i guess a lot of people have already tried it. i felt proud until i found out i was the only one who hadnt :-).

oh well.

it was sexual.


he makes a comment on going to my room

but i'd rather stay out with his car that goes boom.


what an exciting entry.

pssh. not.


i wonder if hearts work in livejournal.

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