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Trashed my own house party because nobody came.

Posted on Fri.November.17 at 9:36 pm
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: If i could, then i would.
Rachel is my best friend forever. completely. and totally.


today, rachel and i went to see the movie Happy Feet, really just for the FIRST HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHEONIX MOVIE PREVIEW. ahem. it was cool :-) Rachel freaked like fuck. haa. then her parents, rachel and i went to the red robin for sex. and then we went back to her house and watched our favorite FUCKING SHOWS. it was awesome. and now im completely exhausted. like seriously, i've never been this tired in my life. ever.

today was a really good day. i had a block of just sitting in the library reading and shit. i got a lot of books on paranormal crap and psychology. also some suspense and other shiattt. and i met Lasher for the first time, she is the sweetest thing to ever walk this earth. shes so amazing and i cant believe i havent met her til now. it was a really nice thing to end the school day with. and i now have a lot of reading to look forward to. YAY. love. i love books.

i hate not being able to express my emotions.

i feel my lack of a love life.

burning away my insides.

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