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I wanted to fly; so you gave me your wings.

Posted on Sat.November.11 at 12:57 pm
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: My father took me into the city; to see the marching band.

so yesterday was a lot of fun. traveled to rachels house around 11 en el morning and stayed until 9 en el nighto. maggie joined us around halfway through. rachel and i watched sixteen candles and mean girls, and then maggie joined us for what's eating gilbert grape. which was a pretty damn sad movie. and then we went out for ice cream at stewarts. and ended the day with degrassi and south of nowhere. which were good episodes overall.

it was really great.

and now im sitting here listening to my chemical romance avoiding my homework. which isnt that bad. but i think ill get it over with soon.

poor roxy is tied to the tree outside. she likes it out there, but its still pretty sad.

my ocd has gotten a lot better with the pills and shit. im going off of them soon and i think im going to tell the psychiatrist that im okay and that we should stop meeting. she suggested it last time anyway. and it costs a lot of money, and i think im okay now.

so i have this humungo crush on someone. and they have no idea i exist. and its extremely depressing. and whenever i pass them in the hall im like GAH GAH GAH GAH GAH.

and they dont notice.

its sad.


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