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Happy Halloween.

Posted on Mon.October.30 at 4:28 pm
Current Mood: lovedi love rachel.
Current Music: Hey Baby -- No Doubt
first off. i love rachel. and i love ebay. both combined is like. woah. how amazing.

TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN. i think i just totally spelled tomorrow wrong. tommorrow tomorrow omg okay i have no idea. someone tell me. thank you.


YAY. so tomorrow is halloween and im going to rachels right after school and were watching Sixteen Candles and The Nightmare Before Christmas. neither of which i have seen. so im really excited. and then were going to listen to mugglecast. and then were going to die of eating candy. gah. im SO excited. rachel and i are going to blast our pants off. YAY FOR THE LACK OF PENISES. were going to have so much fucking fun.

YAY. im happy. rachel makes me so happy. rachel. i love you.

kristin. mugglecast is a podcast you can download off of itunes :-) if you werent a harry potter fan i wouldnt tell you because people who download it and arent 100% into harry potter are stupid. but its really cool and i love it and its obsessive. WOOT.

ew. i have to go to the orthodontist soon because i need a new retainer. i stepped on the old one in the dark :-D. and its glow in the dark. go figure.

im so happy i met rachel. shes my lover. YAYYYYYYYYY


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