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Posted on Thu.October.12 at 7:30 pm
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Guilty - Gravity Kills
I've been pretty tired lately. It's not a good thing. I plan on getting a lot of sleep tonight. actually thats a lie. there are several shows i need to watch before I go to sleep. including survivor and the real world/road rules. woot. i do love those reality shows. because i have no life. how pathetic.

So schools going really good. the social life sucks though.

so i convinced the psychiatrist to tell my mom that i shouldnt join an all guys sports team because it was extremely stupid and i would not be happy with it. but then i felt terrible because we were like, over riding her. sigh. shes a nice person. i love her.

i need someone to love. thurrrrrrs no one. and i have no one romantically that society will allow me to attempt to get to know. that way. GRRRR. i hate the fucked up world. People need to keep the judgement away from the table. and let others do what they want to. its none of their fucking business so why should they care? like SERIOUSLY, its not their problem, it doesnt affect them, its not their feelings, therefore, why should people care? it really doesnt make any sense and it just pisses me off enough more thinking about it. therefore, i shall ignore them and assume that their looking at someone else when they point and laugh.

So i went to visability on wednesday with rachel. the senior talking about it was a lesbian and others were gay and bisexual. it was very relaxed and shit. maggie didnt go, but kayleigh and nicky did. but some of the kids are really stupid. but oh well. im "in" it. and i liked it, so im going back with rachel next time.

Tomorrows the Homecoming football game. it should be okay, not amazing, but im expecting it to be fun. and then saturday is the Homecoming dance, at which i'm going with Rachel. and we should also have fun there, too, though i am nervous. i dont like the formal situation, whats the point of going to a dance if its formal and shit? i dont get it and i think its stupid. i might wear nice pants, but i refuse to wear a white shirt. everyone can deal. And if rachels embarrassed, which i know she wont be, ill rip some persons white shirt off and wear it over mine. good.

okay, i have a headache.
peace out.

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